Something Simple

The other day I was comparing the notes I store in OneNote to the notes I had stored in Evernote when I was a heavy Evernote user, ampoule and in the process I unearthed a frightening amount of design documents I had put together for a project that I called MetaPunk.

MetaPunk was supposed to be a cyberpunk RPG built with MetaPlace, Raph Koster’s online game-slash-virtual-world construction system. I was a heavy user of the alpha/beta at the time (disclosure: heavy enough that they flew me and several other users out to San Diego to meet the team), and I really wanted to use the system to create this cyberpunk RPG. But it came to pass that my ambition exceeded my ability — no, really! — and I didn’t get very far before MetaPlace shut down.

But the dream lived on! My next plan was to make it a web game, but not in the same form as it would have appeared in using MetaPlace. This was to be more of a static affair, a kind of stateless “BBS door game” async multiplayer affair. I had created a tool that allowed me to upload an image, and then to drag regions on the image to build a map so users could click on the map to indicate where they wanted to travel to. Things would happen. And stuff. But after a time I got distracted — no, really! — and everything was archived and put away.

Fast forward four years to when I re-discovered my notes from this web-version of MetaPunk. I can’t remember where I put the archived code for the work I had done on the web version, but I’m not sure that it’s relevant now. Now I have a hammer — Unity, of course — and these design documents look suspiciously like a nail. I had done a lot of work coming up with systems and explanations and data structures that there’s enough there to get coding something.

But, this post is entitled “Something Simple”, which isn’t the image that the words “cyberpunk RPG in Unity” conjurers. I’m not thinking of a third, first, or isometric person game; I’m still thinking of keeping it close to the design of the web version. That would make it a “Choose Your Own Adventure on steroids” kind of thing: you’d be working to further your agendas, but with a less “active” interface. A cursory consideration leads me to believe that I could do the whole thing just by using UI elements in 2D, although I’d have to test that. At my most ambitious, we’d be looking at something with a 3D map of the city, with…other stuff. I don’t know. That idea just came to me as I was writing this.

So throw this log on my unfinished project pile. I’ll do some exploration to see what I can reasonably pull off, especially since some of the background work has been written down and previously tested. As always, no promises.