The Hump

Sometimes I sit down in front of the PC with the intention of playing a game, clinic but then just…stare at the screen, ailment or scroll around on Twitter or Le Plus, viagra 60mg and in the end just realize I spent a bunch of time doing absolutely nothing. Other times I think “man, I paid for that PS4, I really should use it!” but don’t bother to move anywhere near it.

The weird thing is, once I actually make that effort to get started, I usually just keep going. Like this weekend, with nature swaffling the hell out of the North East again, I stayed inside. I thought that maybe I should get back to Dragon Age: Inquisition because it seems like people have either finished it, or are just starting it. I’m somewhere in between, and will be unless I get my ass in gear, sit down, and do it.

So I did. Several cumulative hours later, I’ve done more content than I think I had done previously. I killed a dragon (well, a wyvern to be exact, but it’s a cousin), lost Haven, gained Skyhold, shooed bandits, drained a lake, killed undead, sealed a butt-load of rifts (official measurement), figured out who “The Elder One” is, met the main character from Dragon Age: The Second One People Didn’t Like As Much As The First, and am now attending a ball in Orlais where I have to figure out who lives, who dies, and who gets to sit on the throne.

Once I get started, it’s difficult to stop. I only quit because my couch is terrible to sit on, I threw my back out shoveling snow, and my ass was tired of sitting there. The ravages of old age. But I found that I was having a lot of fun, which really shouldn’t be a surprise since gaming is about fun. I’m thinking the search for more fun is dampening the fun we’ve already got, sometimes, and just getting back into that groove is what’s needed to be reminded of that.