A Tough Decision #DragonAgeInquisition

Saturday evening I got to spend some time with Dragon Age: Inquisition for more than just an hour. I’ve moved the PS4 back to the computer room TV so I have all the time I want with the system, order except that the TV is mounted a bit too high for my comfort, symptoms and my neck and shoulders end up hurting if I play too long. That’s not the point of the post, buy I promise. It is spoileriffic, although only from a point “early” in the game.

When last I left, I was ready to head out to Orlais and start the Val Royeaux junk, but I made a detour in the Hinterlands (again) to finish some business there. I busted up the red lyrium smuggling ring to the south and ran into (SPOILERS!) darkspawn down in the caves where the syndicate was harvesting the stuff. The Alpha Hurlock is a pretty tough customer, but I plowed through them and somewhere along the line I took out the smuggler that I was supposed to and finished the mission.

The initial foray to Val Royeaux cracked me up* when the Templar’s arrived, and as I was laughing out loud my wife asked if everything was OK. I didn’t stick around in Orlais, though, because I had a tough decision to make.

As those who have gotten past this part — basically, everyone I assume — knows, we have to make a choice between checking in with the Templars, or the Mages in Redcliffe. The Templars seem uncharacteristically hostile and lame at the same time: they don’t want to work with the Inquisition, nor do they seem to want to do anything about the rift. Cassandra thinks that’s kind of weird, as she claims to have some previous dealings with the High Seeker, and his behavior seemed off. Of course, on the way out of Val Royeaux, we get stopped by the leader of the Mage rebellion who claims that she’ll listen to the Inquisition, if we want to visit her in Redcliffe. The group consensus is that the Mages aren’t organized well enough, and that could lead to “herding cats” or an unreliable alliance.

I went with the Templars mainly because I agreed with the assessment on the Mages. The Templars are organized, although erratic for some reason that bears investigation. The Mages — at least the rebel factions — might be together for convenience of fighting their former hunters and caretakers, the Templars, but not much else at this point in time.

I thought the Templar branch was kind of interesting. You have to “collect” some Orlesian nobles who act as your political battering ram to earn you an audience with the High Seeker. Unfortunately, as soon as you meet the High Seeker, he pulls you in the Fade, which was creepy as hell. The minutiae was pretty convoluted, but the idea was that an “envy demon” who had originally taken over the High Seeker opted to try and take you over instead. The trip to the Fade showed you vignettes of what the envy demon planned should it be able to masquerade as you and wield the power of the Inquisition. Not pretty. You’re helped by a spirit named Cole who just…shows up…and gives you the mental fortitude to escape from what is essentially your own mind.

Once back to your normal self, however, you find that the envy demon AKA High Seeker was feeding the high ranking Templars red lyrium in an effort to break down their defenses and allow them to become twisted puppets. With the help of a senior Templar who still had his wits about him, you gathered some of the remaining high ranking lieutenants and some red lyrium, held off a demon incursion, and eventually had to fight the envy demon in it’s true form in the real world.

Heavy stuff.

Between starting out and completing the Templar collection quest, I found Blackwall, the only remaining known grey warden around. No one knows where the rest of them went, so in the absence of any darkspawn, Blackwall joined my crusade. I stabled him. Cassandra is doing just fine at the moment. I also got the intro to talk to Iron Bull, but haven’t done so yet. I think that’ll be next on my agenda. I do really need to recruit some non-warriors though, especially rogues. Varric, despite being the most interesting companion, is limited by his love of his crossbow. Everyone else has geared up appropriately, but he’s lagging behind.


* Also, the plaques under the statues in the initial entrance to Val Royeaux made me laugh out loud as well.

  1. I went with the templars too. Playing Dragon Age II convinced me that mages are too damned unstable to have an army of them following you around.

  2. Am I allowed to give a spoiler if it relates to picking up a companion? Also Varric’s crossbow will level with him, you’ll just need to find upgrade pieces for it. You can either buy them or make them if you have the rec.

          • lol @ both of you.

            You’ll get another rogue and mage when you go to Val Royeaux. The rogue is from the friends of red jenny quest, you’ll have an arrow thrown at you and you have to find the red scarves. The mage will invite you to a party. Cole is also a rogue but since I didn’t go templars he joins my party after I do the quest to seal the breach. But from what I understand he should follow you back after the templar stuff and you’ll probably see him 1st time you go to the war table. There is also another mage from siding with the mages. So if he works the same way as Cole you’ll get him right before or after the quest to seal the breach as well.

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