Side Project: Notecards

NoteCardsV0.01I really like Fantasy Grounds as a virtual tabletop program, sildenafil but I like it more because it allows a user to create a module within the app. Most vtables are just a way to chat and share maps, this but FG’s notecard-style word processor-light capabilities make it a great way to write and play from a module.

Because I like this design, information pills I decided to take a stab at a general purpose app for taking notes, done in the FG style. This app currently allows you to create a new notebook, and then to add individual notecards to the book.

The hardest thing about it so far has been finding a way to link cards together. My original method was to allow the user to manually link text by highlighting it and then right clicking to select an existing note to link to. This turned out to be problematic because of the way the linking was done (I got the code from CodeProject). So instead, the linking is handled automatically, like Realm Works, by parsing the text in the note and comparing it to the titles of other notes in the system when the current note is saved. The problem with this is that you’ll need to define the cards you want to link to before you work on the card you want to link from, or else you’ll need to edit the card after the destination card has been created. Also, there’s no way to prevent text from auto-linking; I suppose it’s better to be overzealous than to have to guess and guess incorrectly.

So far, it’s working as intended, although it’s as ugly as a WinForms app can be. Ideally, I’d like the saves to sync with a central server so that a notebook can be accessed from anywhere. That’s actually the core of the reason why I wanted something like this, as Fantasy Grounds doesn’t have central storage. Plus, it’s a good way to store information, and while FG could be used, it’s “game centric” skinning means I can’t really use it at work, or for work related purposes.