What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?

I want a clean slate with this blog. As clean as I can get in the age of Google and timelines, visit this site anyway. I have control over this blog, it’s content, and it’s purpose, and so I’ve decided to go all tabula rasa on it: a clean slate.

This blog was being used for nothing in particular. Originally it was for my thoughts and opinions on gaming, but then I opened (and am currently closing) Levelcapped.com for that purpose. Then this blog became a dumping ground for tech-centric news, but that bored me as it wasn’t reallfocused on technology — it was mostly just ranting about stuff in a pseudo-psychological bent that has (unfortunately) become my self-realized trademark. But now that I’m less interested in writing about video games, and have become more interested in writing about other things, I’ve decided to deep-six my previous content here and start over.

I don’t know if many bloggers do this. I know several, and they’ve occasionally talked about going back to posts that they wrote years ago. My first blog was a home-brew affair, and then there were a few Blogger blogs, then Cedarstreet, then Levelcapped. I apparently have no sentimentality for my own thoughts, or I just can’t make up my mind on the theme for my writing outlets. Sometimes I don’t want to be associated with what I’ve written when I get it in my head that I want to write about something else, so it’s easier to export the content (I’m not crazy!), delete it all, and start over.

So then, the why. Like any good writer (which I am not), the details on the why aren’t handed out on the first page like candy from a van. I’m not going to really spell it out for you in plain, tortured English, but will require that if you really care to know, then you’ll have to return on a semi-regular interval, and then piece a theme together. This being the Internet, though, I’m sure that everyone’s interpretation will be different. I’m a fan of directness, although my hands often get ahead of my brain and I end up saying in 20 words what I could have said in three, but I’ll try and keep that under control when I remember to do so (he said, 4 paragraphs later).

Hopefully this will be the last time I have to scorch the blogging earth because the spirit moved me. I’m sure I said that the last time. And the time before that. And before that as well. We never know what our future holds for us, so I’m not making any promises.